David Thaw

University of Pittsburgh | 3900 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 | dbthaw@gmail.com


Current Students

This section provides information for current students of mine, including students enrolled in my classes, working in my lab, or undertaking supervised research with me. (Ph.D. students of mine should consult with me individually.)

  • Office Hours: my office hours for the semester are listed on my Course Information page.
  • Advising: faculty advising is an important part of every student's academic career. Faculty can offer students tremendous benefit by providing insight into the development of their academic careers, and how those choices (including course selection) can translate effectively into professional goals. I welcome all students with interests in law and technology and regulatory practice to contact me (time permitting).
  • Law Student Advising: Law students each are assigned a faculty advisor. Current LL.M. and S.J.D. students are most welcome to contact me on an individual basis (time permitting).
  • Information/Computer Science Student Advising: IS/CS students of all levels are most welcome to contact me on an individual basis, particularly those with interests in cybersecurity. However, IS/CS students should be aware that their respective departmental advising staff are the correct individuals to speak with regarding the administrative details of course requirements.
  • Research and Independent Study Opportunities: At any given time I generally have a variety of research opportunities available both to law students and to information/computer science students. Please check my Course Information page to review what opportunities are available in the current semester.

Prospective Students

This section provides information for prospective students, including those seeking admission to programs in which I teach or who are considering taking a regularly-scheduled course with me or seeking to do independent study/research with me.

  • Taking A Class With Me: I recommend that all students considering taking a class with me review my Teaching Philosophy and Class Policies. Please be aware that course policies may vary in each individual class.
  • J.D. Applicants: I have no involvement in the J.D. application process. Please contact the Office of Admissions.
  • LL.M. and S.J.D. Applicants: Please begin your application process with the Center for International Legal Education. I will forward (without reviewing) any unsolicited applications to CILE.
  • IS/CS Undergraduate and Master's Admissions: I have no part in this process. Please address your inquiries to the appropriate Departmental office.
  • IS/CS Ph.D. Admissions: I generally supervise Ph.D. students whose research interests align with mine. I keep a list of my availability updated on my Course Information webpage.